Algorithmic Trading....

Algorithmic trading conjures up images of banks of computers and thousand of lines of code.

Whilst this can be the case, in my experience the words 'algorithmic trading' sound a lot more complicated that the reality of what it actually is.

Take for example a very simple bias. Price are higher at the mid point in the London trading session than they were at yesterdays close. Such  a simple idea could be the foundation stone for a straight forward algorithm.

Traders especially FX traders often look for complexities which might not be required when forming the basis of their trading ideas.

My advice is to look for simple biases which stand the test of time, rather than flashy complicated ideas which are here today but gone tomorrow.

Exact Trading UK....

Some years ago, I think it was around the time I  passed the thirty year mark of working for large banking corporations in the Benelux, i decided that I it would be good to return to London at some to finish off where I originally started.

London is an extremely vibrant and cosmopolitan city and has changed tremendously since I first worked there in the late 1970's. For one there were no huge scrapers as there are now, the Natwest tower when it went up was a first.

The idea of returning was that I would run my own business and look to bring in young fully funded traders under the Exact trading umbrella.

The idea of Exact Trading UK was born.