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Welcome to Exacttrading(UK), we are a disruptive FX training company who train traders, fund them and bring them under the Exact Trading umbrella, then put them into the live market.

Our unqiue training approach ensures the maximum possible chance for trainee traders to pass our tests and become fully funded, successful traders.

The FX industry is in the middle of reinventing itself and huge changes are currently ongoing. We are disrupting the FX education industry with our approach to algorithmic trading.

We are the first company to present a remote cloud based 'trading academy' where traders are firstly trained at our training centre in the City of London and then released into the trading arcade where they trade either live in our trading room or remotely via VPS from their home.

Modern FX is all about embracing the astonishing changes within the technological landscape that have taken place and which continue to do so and using this to our advantage. This gives traders a choice to trade in a discretionary or automated manner.  Once trained traders could be literally located anywhere in the world and trading in the Exact Trading 'arcade cloud'  or physically located in the trading arcade.



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Pass Our Trading Tests, Get Funded ...

The ultimate purpose of your training will be to pass our trading challenge, get funded and get on the road to a successful career as an algorithmic Foreign Exchange Trader.

Our programme supports independent traders who will work for themselves with their revenue and income limited only by their own ability to embrace algorithmic trading, the concepts, the technology and the expertise required to create profit trading strategies.

As a successful trader you will keep 70% of your trading revenue, a percentage which is unheard of in the industry.

During the course, your instructor will be evaluating you and will decide on the starting level of your initial capital challenge which will be in the region of GBP 10.000 to GBP 100.000

Once past the challenge, the trader will be tied neither to trading location nor working hours and we are convinced that with five years this concept of a remote 'trading arcade in the cloud' will be a wide spread phenomenon. However,  we also understand that going forward  traders might like to communicate with the members of their intake and therefore we will be providing a trading pod in the city where traders can come together if they wish to, rather than connect online.

Old fashioned proprietary trading is dying, algorithmic trading in all its forms is the way ahead, most of the large banks are well on the way to 100% automation, a few are already at 90%. Exact Trading is leading the charge in disruptive FX algorithmic trading education.

Now is the time to embrace the revolution, get trained, get funded, get profitable.




What Are We Looking For...

There are no specific entry requirements to working with Exact Trading(UK), as we acknowldge that people from all walks of life and from very different back grounds could and can become successful traders.

Generally speaking however, we expect that most applicants will be university educated and have good numeracy skills.

Our slection process is firstly based on the candidate and not on the candidates qualifiactions however.

The ability to think out of the box is very important to us.

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